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Architect since 2012 at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of the Republic.



* 2012 to present: Co-founder partner of TATÚ Arquitectura ( )

2014 to 2016: Construction Manager at Hormetal construction company (

/ Hormetal Uruguay logistics warehouse. Warehouse 1800m2.

/ Sodimac Constructors Patio Skylights. 3400m2.

/ Warehouse logistics Soldo Hnos. Warehouse 10000m2 and offices 1100m2.

/ Electrointerior flooring. 2000m2.

/ Ceramics logistics warehouse  Castro. 10000m2.

/  Julio Galbarini logistics warehouse. 5000m2 warehouse and 1700m2 offices.


2012 to 2014: Construction manager at Raúl Clerc Construction Company.

/ Santa Catalina Technical School (UTU).  Technical assistant of work.

/ Plaza Casavalle.  Construction assistant.

/ Montevideo Police Headquarters Zone 3.  Construction manager

/ Civic Center and Plaza 3 ombúes.  Construction manager

/ Square in Marconi neighborhood. Coordination


2007 to 2010: Member of the team in charge of the design and management of promotional stands within the communication company Cardinal.

Design, budgeting and management:

/ 2010 Christophersen Group + Obrinel (Expo Activa, Soriano) / 2010 CPM (Mader-Expo) / 2010 MSS Rexroth Bosch Group (Mader-Expo) / 2010 Roberto Catavorello (Mader-Expo) / 2008 CPM (Mader-Expo), 2007 Ottonello (Geant)

Design and budgeting:

/ 2010 Promet (Mader-Expo) / 2010 Weyerhaeuser (Mader-Expo), 2008 Embassy of Chile (Mader-Expo) / 2008 Dujua-Praxia (Mader-Expo)


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